Monday, October 17, 2011

Final Day

No matter what I try, there are two kids in one of my classes that just are NOT getting anything done.  It is an obvious flirting reason.  She scoots the chair far too close and he chit chats and acts "stupid" to the 3 girls surrounding him.  They are so far behind everyone else on the Power Point.  What do you do?  I can't move their seats, they are assigned computers.  Threats do not work, and what do they care?  So they don't finish it.  They'll throw some lame excuse at their parents and the parents will blame the sub.  I have a middle schooler and my son, when he was in middle, was the king of excuses.

The other classes so far today are typing classes.  One lost free time completely.  There has always got to be a wise guy that feels there are no consequences to his actions.  I believe in mass punishment.  If one strays and the others follow along . . . you all suffer.  If there are kids standing up to the stray-er, they will escape.

Always stand up for yourself and what is right.  Be tough and don't be a follower (but don't be an outcast).  That has been my moto since I started high school.  Just because everyone else was doing something I knew was wrong, didn't mean I didn't join in.  I also didn't lose friends over it.  My friends respected it and it always got them a DD, ya know?  Why not be THAT person?

I look forward to my last class this afternoon.  More students turning in power points.
As I walked the halls a few minutes ago, I looked around and thought, "I can't wait to come back."

I have enjoyed each class I've had here along with the stress.  And yep, many kids are dumb as rocks, just as many can't take a joke.  Even more are sneaks and liars.  They all think I was born yesterday.  I Love This Age!  They are so brand new . . . its like having babies again.  That sounds like a joke, but seriously, someone has to love 'em.

Oh, interesting side note.  One class had several individual conversations about their parents and how drunk they get.  Interesting right?  I wonder how often that is the topic of conversation on a Monday morning?  One girl talked about having to help her parents with pots and cleaning up their puke.  Another discussed the over indulgence of her step-dad when they go out to eat.  Yet another talked about how drunk his dad was this weekend.  They're 12, so, don't think your children aren't paying attention.  And no matter how dumb they act, don't be dumber-er-er.  ;)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 3

Ahhh, early out and JibJab.  Doesn't get much easier than this.  On my 4th class of it and the pumpkin carving still makes me laugh.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Snotty 8th grade girls with balls . . .

This school is in a neighborhood - many homes with internet near by.  Many homes with internet near by that do not have passwords.

So, what does the 8th grade photography connect class do?  Go on FB using unauthorized Internet.

Oh for crying out loud.  So I try to get them off.  Nope, right back on.

Finally, I took their picture and messaged it to their teacher, the woman I'm subbing for, who happens to be a friend of mine through our sons.

SO - do they get off then?  Only one of them.  Snotty 8th grade girls with balls.

My frustration level is at a high after a calm and relaxing day of studying for my PraxisII while most of my classes were self sufficient. 

Tomorrow?  Day Three . . . does she survive?  YES!  Its Early Out!!!

Day Two At ***

in "my" chair
Not so bad so far.  The first group of kids were on task for the most part.  I think the big difference was these were obviously WAAAAAAY more mature.  Probably 8th graders.  I told them to bring their headphones tomorrow and we'd have free-day Friday. 

I've got a prep right now, so I am thinking of my family - enjoying a pumkin spice coffee with vanilla protein drink as creamer and a yogurt shake.  Oh, and a little Enrique Iglasias (not usually a fan).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When did these 5th graders get to the middle school?

Much more immature than the last group . . . these guys are spouting out lame "your momma" jokes, talking to themselves, and leaving the classroom together for who knows why.  I don't have this group tomorrow though.  Whew!

I just heard someone say, in a tiny mouse voice, "uh, if you guys want free time, you're going to have to be quiet."  I don't think anyone heard her but me.

Then the huskier girls are huddled in a corner looking up celebrity men on the Internet.  Right, I don't seem them.  Not at all.  Especially when they turn the screen toward the wall like they are hiding something. 

Oh, why aren't I correcting behavior?  They aren't hurting anyone.  But it is funny when they look over at me the same time I look at them.  Its called the power of peripheral vision.  I got it when I was issued my sub-cape.

So they turned the volume on the computers up really loud and said that that is how Mrs. ------- said to do it.  Bahahahaha!  Right, and the tattoo on my forehead says "idiot".

Is it free time yet?  Is it free time yet?  Is is free time yet?  Is it free time yet?  Is it free time yet? 

Thoroughly Entertained (and equally irritated).

How was your day?


"If you aren't going to do what I ask, at least don't be so loud and obvious about it!"

I've said that several times to the basic typing class.  When they are told they can go online to typing games and you soon seen a group of boys gathered around a computer and the only sound (and its a loud sound) is a football announcer yelling . . . you know they aren't listening.

For gosh sake, I know you aren't going to listen all of the time.  That's no big deal.  Just don't be so obvious!

I'm Back!

Subbing sure makes me love my sarcastic and funny children that I gave birth to! 
I'm a computer teacher this week and Monday.  We are working on power points in three classes and typing in two.

My first class of the day was great and efficient.  The kids were whipping through their assignment - which isn't exactly an easy thing. 

Wait.  Strike that. It isn't an easy thing for a thirty-something who doesn't do power points but a couple times a year.  Luckily, I'm not an idiot and can follow instructions.  (I actually learned how to hyperlink today.)  Way more than I can say for the class I have right now.

Seriously?  The it took 6 times of me reading the first paragraph of the first page of the packet before they knew what I asked them to do and then, you know what the response was? 

"We don't bring pencils to this class."

Oh No Way!  You mean to tell me you can't do work because you don't have a pencil.  Uh, ask for one!!!  Yes, I had to say that.  Out loud.  Several times.  It isn't like I'm going to stand at the door of an 7th/8th grade class and hand out pencils - but if ya need one . . . just ask. 

"Stay on Task."  "I ammmmmmm!"  "I diiiiiiiiid!"